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Potatoes Of Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural equipment Potato cultivation a very necessary thing for many gardeners, because the right planting and production of potatoes depends on yield.

Pre-planning tubers and planting potato in well-prepared and irrigated soil are very important for potato cultivation.

To successfully carry out pre-supposing of potato tubers, it is necessary to do so in the light. This process should be carried out as follows: potatoes are placed in several tubers. Tubers need to be cultivated 30-45 days before landing.

Potato cultivation is not very complex, but requires some knowledge. Two square metres of area is required to plant 1 cap of potato tubers. It's best to grow tubers in small, smear boxes.

The temperature of the breeding shall be 14 to 15 degrees. It is important to create a high humidity. This is achieved through the spraying of passages. It's also worth venting the room when there's a good temperature on the street.

The potato pole must be well prepared and done from the fall. It is also very important to inflame potato, with vomiting to a depth of up to 40 cm so that no colored beetles, wire larvae or false wires are produced, and ammonia water must be added to the soil, which not only destroys pests but also is nitrogen fertilizer.

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