Правильная подкормка картофеля

Surface Potato Feed


Bor is an indispensable element for all peri-urban crops. The use of born acid, the most popular and accessible brootic substance, increases the calcium to all plant bodies, oxygen to roots, increases chlorophyll in the green parts of the plant, makes the berries and the fruits wet.

But the most famous ability of borough acid is to stimulate seed breeding and chopping. Borne acid feeding helps to maintain and increase the number of linkages with adverse effects of the external environment, boosts the formation of new root and stem growth points. Thus, the treatment of borough acid prevents the development of diseases (in particular, rottens) on plants, makes them more resilient to drought, acutely cold, nutrients.

Types of fertilizers that contain a broth:

- Battery acid is the best fit for plant spraying.

- The storm is a bearded acid salt. The storm is recommended as a normal root feed

- Battery superphosphate - used as a basic feed.

- Borg-magneutral fertilizer contains not only boracic acid, but also magnesium oxide.

- Integrated Mineral Fertilizers with Battery

Boracic acid is the tweed of colourless crystals without smell
How do you know the plant lacks a fight?

- top leaves together with sheet plates are pale, yellow, growing small, deformed. Over time, they can sleep and fall.

- Plant lateral kidneys are developing and no upper-mouth

- necrosis on escapes (measured sections)

- the extinction of the horses.

- Plants don't float and they're tied up.

Boracic acid in the garden: options

Boracic acid for smearing

♪ To accelerate the growth and development of peri-urban crops, in order to increase the quality of seeds before disembarkation, they recommend to beaked in the solution of brothic acid. For this, 0, 2 g borno acid is dissolved in 1 litre of warm water. In this mixture, crop seeds are held from 12 to 24 hours. If the seeds don't float, they'll be placed in a marble bag.

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