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Colored Cultivation

LightThe cabbage is light and warm.
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Color cabbageThe cabbage loves the poles. Once the cabbage is planted, it shall be swept every 2-3 days.
The seeds of cabbage before the planting need to be removed. 15 minutes dry seeds are placed in hot water (50 °C), 1 minutes in cold water, then 12 hours in micronutrient solution, clean water and 24 hours in the refrigerator. After pre-plant processing, cabbage seeds shall be dryed so they don't stick to their fingers and dry.
The cabbage house is cooked from the fall. Caleb fertilizers are made in the spring: - 1 bucket per m2 and every hole in two table spoons of superphosphate, 2 glasses of wooden ash, 1 urea tea spoon.

In the phase of two real leaves, the first non-indigenous cable feed is made. To this end, in 1 l, the waters produce half-tracks of micronutrients or a half-chain of integrated micronutrient fertilizers, so the solution is sprayed.

Second feed Color cabbage with the addition of 0, 2 g borno acid, 0, 15 g copper puros and 0, 15 g hybdeno-oxyroid ammonium per l of liquid.

At the beginning of the sunset, the cabbage is carrying out its third non-indigenous feed. Leaflets are sprayed with urea solution, potassium sulphate (1 cafeteria spoon) per 10 litres of water. One plant uses one glass of solution.

The third submarine of the coloured cabbage shall be provided when it has a nomadic, size of the walnut.

Molibden deficiency is observed in the coloured cabbage on acidic sand (small) soils, especially when physiological acid fertilizers are used. Hunger symptoms are manifested in the perpetuation of growth. The lack of milibden contributes to wet soils, cold or dry periods, nitrogen surpluses. Plants don't add leaf plates, the head of the flower cabbage is almost untouched. Old leaves buy chlorotic paint. The lack of molybden in the late stages of the development of coloured cabbages has led to the deformation of young leaves, the same symptoms appearing in the event of damage to the hairdresser. Early classes are less stable than later. It's not possible to use too much cystic peat to grow a plant.

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"ЧУДО" капуста. Цветная капуста
"ЧУДО" капуста. Цветная капуста
Как выращивать цветную капусту. Притенение соцветий
Как выращивать цветную капусту. Притенение соцветий ...
Выращиваем разные виды капусты. Белокочанная, цветная
Выращиваем разные виды капусты. Белокочанная, цветная ...
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