Подкормка рассады


Удобрение птичьем пометомAs we know, the best way to get good scatter or healthy room plants is to get the ground right. But not everyone has time to mix the components in different proportions, freeze or rock the soil mixture. It's often the policy of buying, putting, then feeding, if...

Feeding is a demand! In fact, several options for organic feeding can be said to be prepared without leaving the cashier. Daughter is capable of feeding even their kitchen waste. Eggshell, potato treatment, sugar, banana skins, coffee goose, everything.

Удобрение золойIn our description, we will move from the most popular and efficient to the most contentious. Let's go...

We'll feed the birds.

This option uses almost every gardener as soon as he notices problems at his disembarkation.

They're cooking like that: the seams and water are taken in the ratio of 2:1 and left for 2-3 days in closed dishes. Right before the feeding, the stands are 10 times apart.

It's important to know, and always remember, that in the fertilization of most of the limbs, it's causing the growth of the green mass. Such a feed is good as the first. It will certainly help disembarkation or room colours move into growth.Удобрение банановыми шкурками Later, if you do not see signs of nitrogen famine in the plants (chamber, paleness or yellowity of leaves, soft stalk), there is no need for nitrogen feeding.

Avian fertilization can be useful: all vegetable crops as the first feed, ficus, palm, citrus fruit, diffenbachium, monster.

Solar feed

Another type of underwear popular with natural farming. Drew or straw in organic farming is considered to be one of the best sources of potassium and phosphorus, respectively, feeding the salt seed Distances or flowers - an excellent assistant in the promotion of flower and fertilization.

The recipe is simple: 1 table spoon of ash per 2 litre of hot water. The feeding holds 24 hours, then heals.

Asle fertilizer can be useful: all vegetable crops and room plants.

Banana skins as fertilizer

The banana skin (as in the bananas themselves) contains a large quantity of potassium. So many lucky people don't rush out the skins, but use them as domestic fertilizer.

Someone drys the banana skin at the battery, then trimms it into the powder, adds it to the ground at the landing and forgets about the potato feeds.

Someone's insisting on the skins of bananas in the water (coa of 2-3 bananas on a three-litre water bank, insist on three days, then healing) and then polishing the plant.

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Когда как и чем подкормить сельдерей. Подкормка рассады
Когда как и чем подкормить сельдерей. Подкормка рассады ...
Подкормка рассады цветов
Подкормка рассады цветов
Кожура от бананов – подкормка для рассады
Кожура от бананов – подкормка для рассады
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