подкормка картофеля

Potato Feeding

КартофельPotato feeding

Before we do the submarine, we need to check whether there are any falls on the potato bay. If there is, we need to put backup pieces in the drop areas, which will prejudge the area as an insurance fund.

Feeding characteristics depend on the development and growth of bites. Low development will require nitrogen mineral additives. One cell will require between 1, 5 and 2 kg of ammonium sulphide or ammonia. A cow who's dilated with water 10 times pays 10 l to a duck.Картофель Mineral fertilizers without solvents are carefully and cautiously ploughed into the ground, or there will be no effect in dry weather.

Feeding ends in July to avoid an extension of the period of potato vegetation.

By fertilizing fertilizers, we have to move along a number of years ago to avoid flooding the results of work in the intermediaries.

Dry feeding on dry soil is undesirable. It's a good time to use solutions.

КартофельFor underdeveloped bushes with pale glass panes, the urea solution (1 stack per 10 litres of water) will be useful enough. It also pours 500 g liquid nitrogen fertilizer under each plant.

One feed is usually not enough. It's desirable to repeat it in the phase of the boutonization. The main purpose of feeding is to accelerate the development of plants and, above all, the flower of potatoes that have already formed the boutons. The charcoal or 2 stoves of potassium sulphate are dissolved in 10 litres of water, and this liquid is sufficient for 20 bits of potato.

КартофельA third feeding submarine will be a good harvest. If the soil is dry, it is advisable first to produce a solution consisting of two stacks of superphosphate and one nitrophosic spoon for 10 litres of water; this solution will be about 20 grand. The growth of tubers will accelerate markedly.

After the rain or the floods, the stage of mass fertilization is scattered, one plant will require one bed of powdered superphosphate.

On soils recycled with nitrogen fertilizers, powerful bushes often emerge under which very small and weak tubers grow.

The height of the botwa is 80 cm and above, a clear indication of overcrowding due to the nitrogen excess in the soil.

The experimental potatoes use a simple but effective technique to control the growing of bites: they are run by an unwanted empty barrel that should be wrapped.

If, at the same time, under the bushes, the wooden ash on a single plant is steeply slowing the nitrogen absorption by potatoes.

Zola is desirable to make a moth carefully. In 24 hours, the botwa will rise again. The box may be replaced by a light roll, but it must be ensured that it does not break potato stacks.

Жидкие подкормки для огурцов и картофеля
Жидкие подкормки для огурцов и картофеля
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Подкормка картофеля в сдвоенных рядах. Уход за картофелем ...
Подкормка почвы под картофель золой и удобрениями
Подкормка почвы под картофель золой и удобрениями
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