Как получить высокий урожай

Potato Technician

Section: Sad and garden

The trees are green, so it's time to plant the potatoes. I've already described my way of growing potato, but I've decided to talk about it in more detail and with pictures, because my way is quite different from the usual. This article is a reality show for potato cultivation. Do as I am, and you will be guaranteed with the harvest!

I'm cutting a potato on golland technology, a little overtaken by manual use and our climate.

Paul, I've been cooking since last summer. All the weeds have spent a Rundap systemic herbicide, and when they're boiled and wrapped, I'm snooping the moto cultivator field two to three times, seeking soft and breathland.

Spring, as soon as the land is ready for cultivation, i.e., it'll be humid and wet, and at the same time weeped, I'll cultivate it again and wait for it to be green. It means the soil has been warm enough to plant potatoes.

I'm pulling a potato from a cellar around mid-April and putting 50-80 tubers in a bag in polyethylene bags. Potatoes, in such a way as to rotate, can't easily move it to the landing site without damage to the sharks. And they're going to the second decad of May with 2-3 centimeter length. And sometimes they start growing dowry roots.

I don't carry any fertilizers on the field. They serve semi-degraded weeds after they bleached.

The photo is presented as a cut of the potato field.

On the field, I'm making sorcerers, about 10 to 12 cm deep. You can make them both a beard and just a leg. Distance between the boreholes, 70-80 centimeters.

On the bottom of the sorrosity, the seed potatoes are placed (namely fixed, not abandoned) and upwards. (below 2 in the photo) The distance between tubers of potatoes is about 30 to 35 cm, so the bushes don't interfere.

Then, with robbers (not scapades!) the storm falls asleep in the surrounding ground. I don't use a potato lopath! The chreed of the shovel will come when it's maimed and harvested.

The potato club is filled with about 6 to 10 cm of land! It will ensure good heating around him, access to moisture and air. And the potato field itself looks perfectly flat and flat, without a traditional stream. Teams will come later, under duress.

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Выбираем безопасную капусту - Все буде добре - Выпуск 456
Выбираем безопасную капусту - Все буде добре - Выпуск 456 ...
Как выбрать квашеную капусту - Совет от Все буде добре
Как выбрать квашеную капусту - Совет от Все буде добре ...
Как выбрать безопасную капусту - Все буде добре - Выпуск
Как выбрать безопасную капусту - Все буде добре - Выпуск ...
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