Как подкормить помидоры

Polycarbonate Tomatoes

ТоматыTomato cultivation in the greenhouse and on the open soil is significantly different. To collect a rich harvest, you have to choose a good tomato. It's not easy to know and observe all agrotechnical techniques for a tomato in a polycarbonate greenhouse.


Class tomatoes for heaters Polycarbonate

Many factors should be taken into account in the choice of tomatoes for greenhouses: yield, period of fertilization, size, resistance to disease, high or low-grown varieties. Polycarbonate heaters produce predominantly high-grown tomatoes. They need to be pinned and tied up all the time. There's an inseminant tomatoes up to the roof. Popular high-level varieties for greenhouses are:

  • Land
  • Hohloma
  • Giants ' code
  • Sprut
  • The Royal King
  • South Zagar
  • Al Mustanga

TomatoMany gardeners choose tomatoes by size. The Cardinal, Heart, Mikado, etc. are very popular. Medium-size Tomatoes can be obtained from classes such as " Brilliant " , " Peter 1 " , " Lampoca " , " Day garden " , etc. For conservative purposes, the following classes are suitable: “Sharf Strait”, “Vishenka”, “Emperial”, etc.

Preparing seeds and landing

The planting material needs to be chosen qualitatively without signs of illness. A few days before the seed is planted, we're gonna have to wash in a weak manganese solution. The optimum time to plant seeds on the sand is February-March. The seeds and seeds must be the same. The plant is better adapted to new conditions.

The first steps must be watered with heat once a week. In the future, the irrigation shall be carried out as necessary. With a few leaflets, the seedlings are being scattered. They'll feed the seeds two weeks after the transplant. Nitrophos solution is used as fertilizer. When the saints reach 20 to 30 cm, they can be converted into a greenhouse. Filthy soil for tomato production needs to be prepared in advance.

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теплица от 26 мая, растет помидоры, баклажаны, перцы и огурцы
теплица от 26 мая, растет помидоры, баклажаны, перцы и огурцы
Сборка теплицы из поликарбоната. Кремлевская люкс цинк
Сборка теплицы из поликарбоната. Кремлевская люкс цинк ...
Советы по выращиванию помидоров в теплице де барао
Советы по выращиванию помидоров в теплице де барао
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