Feeding Of Cucumbers In Heat

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For good harvests of heat cucumbers, not only is the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, but also the planting of all the life-saving and fertilization necessary for them.

The cucumbers are plants with very high rates of growth and ripeness, but the root system is rather weak, which is why the price of most errors is quite high - loss of quality and quantity of harvests.

The following minerals are most important for optimum growth and fertilization:

  • Nitrogen;
  • Kalius;
  • phosphorus.

Before we consider the feeds needed for cucumbers grown in the greenhouse, we shall consider how to prepare the soil in the greenhouse for the cultivation of this vegetable.

Autumn training

After harvests were harvested in the fall, it is very important to carefully clean up the greenhouse from plant residues and dig the ground.

огурцы в теплице подкормкаThe fourth feed can be produced in 14 days by the same solution.

Over the whole vegetative season, cucumber fertilization should continue, preferably by a collapsing pole (Sm. Pole of cucumbers in the greenhouse) and feeding at least once a week. Feeding cucumbers in heatmay be performed by both organic and guminal fertilizers, for example, sodium gumatom.

Exterior feeds

Thinking about what and how to feed the cucumbers in the greenhouse should think about a system of extra-natural feeds.

In addition to integrated fertilizers, solutions for non-indigenous feeds and micronutrients need to be added. You can use both ready integrated fertilizers and prepare them with your hands.

подкормка огурцов в теплицах10 litres of water,

  • Superphosphate - 60g;
  • Nitrical calium 30g:
  • Boracic acid 1g
  • Sernosis Manganese - 0, 4g;
  • zinc gray is 0, 1g.

Council: A non-indigenous sub-feeding of 1.5 per cent of urea solution may be carried out, exploration of 150g in 10 litres of water.

The video feeding of the cucumbers in the greenhouse will help you get a better look at this.

Deficiency or surplus of minerals

The cucumbers respond fairly quickly to the lack or excessive number of nutrients.

If plants are lagging behind in development and growth, the fruits are poorly tied and developed, so they " signal " on-line or incorrect food.


In the case of soil lack of nitrogen,:

  • The cucumbers become, regardless of the class, green light;
  • The top of the fruit, where there was a flower, very narrow and sharp, may acquire a " cranial " form;
  • Old bottom leaves are yellow;
  • The growth of side runs and stalks is slowing.
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Прекрасный урожай огурцов в теплице
Прекрасный урожай огурцов в теплице
Посадка огурцов
Посадка огурцов
Видео о посадке огурцов в теплице
Видео о посадке огурцов в теплице
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