Огурцы в теплице

Burn In Heat

Specialization of cucumbers in the greenhouse.

Let's talk. Production cucumbers in heat and planting cucumbers. Many vegetables eat cucumbers in spring films, less glaciated bi-scate greenhouses with and without biofuels. This depends on planting or planting time.

In biofuels, a two-layer film heater is laid in late March and early April. Hot biofuels (on heating the reference to free videos) carry 30 cm in the greenhouse and form two streams (max. 90 cm) along which the borehole (30 cm width and 10 cm depth).

Before cucumber landing in the greenhouse, the surface is filled with limestone (300-500 g/m2) or wooden ash (500 g/m2) and covered with film. Underneath it, biofuels are rapidly gaining temperature, ammonia and other harmful gases come out of manure.

In 2 to 3 days, they put on the ground, which is easier than light (torphine, opium, or shredded wood). Mixture of thin peat (70 per cent) and wood saws or shredded wood crust (30 per cent) the best substrates.

In addition to wood crust peat (50 per cent), cucumber yields are increased by 1, 5-3 kg/m2. It is also effective that the land with the furthest leaves. They're in the fall in the hole where they decompose. This land is added to the ground (in the amount of 10 to 20 per cent of the total mixture, depending on its density), which is filled with a layer of 15 and in a borehole 25 cm.

Surface is equated with grabs and mineral fertilizers that depend on the availability of nutrients in soil and on planned yields. In the context of Ural in spring film heaters without heating the maximum yields - 20 to 25 kg/m2.

In view of this, 30 to 40 g ammonia seplitres, 90 to 150 double superphosphate and 35 to 50 g sulphur dioxide make up fresh ground per m2. In order to neutralize the soil environment, a non-gasy cannon (20-40 g/m2) or wood (40-50 g/m2) are added, which is a source of potassium, phosphorus and micronutrients.
In the old soils where mineral fertilizers have already been introduced, trees are added (10-15 per cent) and fertilizer doses are doubled.

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Пересадка огурцов из теплицы в баночки
Пересадка огурцов из теплицы в баночки
Семья Бровченко. Огород. Посадки в теплице (ч.2) - горошек
Семья Бровченко. Огород. Посадки в теплице (ч.2) - горошек ...
Семья Бровченко. Огород. Посадки в теплице + игры детей (ч
Семья Бровченко. Огород. Посадки в теплице + игры детей (ч ...
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