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How To Grow A Good Crop Of Cucumbers

It's time to collect and bury cucumbers! This vegetable is fresh and good, and in a salty or magnified, the desired treat on the table. Let us talk today about the important nuances and subtle that help the gardener get a famous harvest every year, despite the weather.

What should we draw attention to and what should be done to increase crop yields?

Secret 1: strengthen the root system

The better the root cucumber system is, the more chances of getting a good harvest. It is possible to help the plant develop additional dowry roots by glazing the stalk to the ground and laying it with wet soil.
Such an arrangement should necessarily be used if you find that the root system is ill (e.g. rotten) - it can be seen in the sun when the upper part of the plants starts to be clearly " driven " . Then you can remove half of the bandages, spit on the ground, and her lower part is good to put a fertile wet soil. There will be roots here in a while, and the plant will be saved! Crop, naturally, too.

Secret 2: help pollinate.

If insects are small, there may be problems with cucumber spraying. In order to increase the number of connections, we can perform artificial pollination. In the next video, we have a master class on this procedure.

The pollination can also be done with soft-ass help, moving the dust from the male flower to the female.

Secret 3: increase the percentage of carbon dioxide

It is known that the growth of any plant is based on the photosynthesis process. He needs carbon dioxide. Usual air contains about 0.3 per cent of carbon dioxide, and if we artificially increase this percentage to 0, 5, speed up photosynthesis and, consequently, increase yields!

For reference: An average plant synthesizes carbon dioxide and water 94% of its dry matter and only 6% of soil mineral fertilizers. That's how "almost of nothing" our vegetables and fruit crops raise our food!

The problem with the lack of carbon dioxide may arise in greenhouses because plants use it extensively in daytime. How do we increase the concentration of this useful substance?

  • May be used by the dry ice, decomposing the heat of its pieces
  • a gas burner may be lit
  • It's easier to put in a heater 1-2 of a cow with a carbon dioxide emitting an armor.
  • or seal the soil with a layer up to 3-5 cm

Secret 4: feeding milk

Turns out milk doesn't just love people. If regularly, every two weeks, feeding cucumbers of dilute milk, it will accelerate their growth. Milk disperses water in 1:2.

Secret 5: correctly

The cucumbers love water. But everything's fine. In a hot period, cucumbers need a very frequent tidal, usually daily (or day) clean water♪ When air temperatures are reduced, in pasture days the tidal is either restricted or suspended. The cucumbers are the best. tonight

Octabrina Ganichkina is the next video of the cucumber pole.

Secret 6: We're going to have a good time.

Passengers are extra runs that take power from the pile, which leaves no fruit. The next video is detailed and shows how the cucumbers should be properly used.

Secret 7: correctly mul

Mulch is helping to multiply soil micro-registry, persuasion, maintain humidity, make soil more air-intensive. As a result, the roots are breathing well, which has a positive impact on the development of all plants.

Numerous materials will be used for mudding, such as nausea and drip, rustal straw and mechanics, peat, neutical materials and synthetic tapes. The choice is rich, but some nuances need to be considered:

  • It is not recommended that cucumbers of fresh grass be molten, as the risk of defeat by various rots is high
  • We need to ensure that the maul's layer does not touch the stalks, especially at the early stages of growth, it can harm them and even lead to disease.
  • When using a black perforated pulp or a type of logo, don't forget: in hot sundays, they can trigger a strong overheating of the root system, they'll either have to remove the tape on such days or close it with a light material.

Secret 8: Smart soil

If the soil is sealed and the crust is formed, the plant lacks soil air. It begins to lag behind; it falls asleep. That can't be allowed.

After every rain and swallow, the soil doesn't need to swallow at a depth of not more than 3 to 4 cm to prevent damage to the root system. The thorphine soil, even with sufficient seal, is not vomiting, but it's woven for aeration.

Secret 9: rightly pick micronutrients

The diet for good harvest is written in detail in the cucumber feed. I just remember that, at the time of the fetal, the cucumbers themselves will show that they need additional micronutrients or not. And the ash and the organique - green fertilizer or stale sen - will always be by the way.

Secret 10: We're rightly picking up neighbors.

The cucumbers feel better next to the beans and the peas, the colrabies, the cologne and Colored cabbage, selery and salad, and, of course, corn, if it grows from the north. Don't be surprised, but the neighbor of weeds like swans and pearls, the cucumbers don't hurt at all, they're growing up together. And there's no cucumber neighbors.

Secret 11: Don't interrupt the fruit on the pelets.

Don't wait till the fruit gets the maximum weight. The perceived benefit from the collection of larger fruits can result in lower yields. Conversely, the more greens collect, the higher the yields.

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