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How To Raise Tomatoes In The Greenhouse

фитофтораGrowing tomatoes from the siege is a pretty cotton task, because in Ukraine, good harvests of this vegetable can only be obtained by producing a greenhouse. Today, we'll tell you how to cultivate tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Technicians Tomato production in greenhouse Polycarbonate is significantly different from being produced on open soil. The heaters usually have high humidity in the air, there are large variations in night and day temperatures, and in daytime hours there is overheating. In the tomatoes ' legacy, very rapidly developing and becoming light mining for all possible diseases and pests.

That's why, in order to get a good harvest, it's necessary to pick up the tomatoes you're planning to grow, because not all classes are suitable for greenhouses.

How do you get tomatoes for greenhouses?

In order to obtain a rich harvest, experts recommend that hybrid varieties be preferred, they are more resistant to different diseases and pests. Hybrid varieties are capable of fertilizing even under the most adverse conditions.

If you grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is better to give preference to classes with unlimited growth.грядки для помидоров Classes with limited growth are not appropriate, they are formed in one stack and to be able to form 6-8 kistas, so it is necessary to sit permanently in the first half of May, and in these days it may be quite cold, not rare, so to disperse the tomatoes in the greenhouse at this time is rather risky. Later, these varieties are not more than four inches successful, so the classes with limited volumes usually do not justify the efforts made.

The class of tomatoes with unlimited growth is characterized by early fertilization and cosmosity through one or two leaflets, so they can be shaped into two stems. It's possible to get up to 14 in one plant.

Most importantly, by the end of August, at the bushes of these more fast-track tomatoes, virtually all the fruits have been able to stare to the freeze and have completely avoided such a dangerous disease as a phytofluoro. And the phytofluoro can destroy the entire crop in almost a few days - a week of time.

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Как вырастить томаты
Как вырастить томаты
Как вырастить огурцы в теплице.Подвязка огурцов в теплице
Как вырастить огурцы в теплице.Подвязка огурцов в теплице ...
Как подвязать помидоры в теплице / Томаты в теплице
Как подвязать помидоры в теплице / Томаты в теплице ...
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