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Fertilizer Cultivation In The Greenhouse

Выращивание огурцов в теплице

Preparations for landing

The cucumber is a very popular vegetable culture. This is due to his excellent taste and nutritious qualities, the ability to eat in different species. No wonder there are many ways to cultivate this culture. The cucumber is a heating plant, so the most frequent use of heat is to maintain the necessary production conditions.

In order to achieve effective growth, some activities must be carried out in the greenhouse in the autumn: from the fall to dig the land, near spring to spring. Before the landing, it is necessary to dig a tranche at the site of a future stack of the shovel, to completely decorate the tranche with the straw, to put a wooden brace on top and to fall into the ground.

Огурцы в теплицеThen we remove the brace, we need it to mark the place of the fertilizer. There's a boiler on the ropes and a dip on the ropes. It's coming. After that, the cucumbers can be planted on the second day.


For cucumbers to be planted in the greenhouse, it is necessary to grow a scatter. It's necessary to start with the overpacking of seeds, to remove damaged, tense. The seeds of 2-3 years ago are the best.

It's easier to sew empty seeds in salt water, they'll float. The seeds of the manganese should then be vaccinated to avoid mushroom disease.Посадка огурцов в теплице Before the seed is planted, it is advisable to blemish in water at a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees, placing it in the marble within 12 hours.

Then you can put seeds in the throat. The air temperature in the space where the scatter is located should be: day +20, night +14. They're pouring it once a week in the morning with warm water.

It takes about 20 days to get a scatter prepared for a greenhouse. In the northern latitudes, it is accepted to place peanuts on the window between 2 and 25 April and to sit permanently from 1 to 20 May. It is very important to respect these deadlines.

Уход за огурцами в теплицеHorizontal landing

Before landing, 5-10 days, required prepare soil - Introduce organic and mineral fertilizers, then cover the heat. In 5 to 10 days, the world will be planted in two rows for a ready team in the moon, 10 to 15 cm deep.

It is important to maintain a temperature regime, keeping a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees in the heater. Lighting is also important.


The ancestors of cucumbers were wildly growing plants, so modern cucumbers stretch up to the sun. They need to be supported in this quest, and one week after the planting of the greenhouse, they need to be tied to a design called a scapler. It's called a wire on the supports or a wooden ball stretching at a height of two metres.

Подвязывание огурцов в теплице Огурцы в теплице из поликарбоната Как прищипывать огурцы в теплице Полив огурцов в теплице
метод выращивания огурцов в колбасках с капельным поливом
метод выращивания огурцов в колбасках с капельным поливом
Подвязываем #огурцы в теплице. Tie cucumbers in the
Подвязываем #огурцы в теплице. Tie cucumbers in the ...
Начало налива плодов огурца в пленочных теплицах
Начало налива плодов огурца в пленочных теплицах
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