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Tomato Fertilizer

podkormka pomidorovThe tomato is a culture that's clumsy enough. Tomato cultivation requires some knowledge, experience and time of the gardener. One of the most important points in this regard is Tomato feed

Tomato fertilizer

♪ Nitroammophoska is an integrated fertilizer consisting of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Maybe it's one of the best tomato fertilizers.

♪ Superphosphate is a very common and sufficiently effective tool for feeding tomatoes. It consists of magic, nitrogen, calcium, sulphur and phosphorus. Superphosphate reduces acidity of the ground.

♪ Thorf, manure, overburden, stunning cow, birds, wooden ash.

- That's what's called a green leather. Just getting ready. We're gonna take a litter capacity for 20 and put weed in there-- weeding, moron, snoop, salad. We've got water in the grass, we tightly pull the tape or close the lid, and we're gonna leave it in the sun for a week. Later on, stand filter and put in a dark place for use.

podkormka pomidorov11Tomato fertilizer dosing and timing

(1) The first time the tomato feeding takes place 15 days after the landing. Integrated fertilizations with the dosage of the tea spoon should be added to the ground.

(2) Ten days after that, and every 10 days thereafter, a very weak solution of manganese and nitrophoscu (with a tea spoon per l of water) is applied.

(3) Two weeks after the peak, superphosphate and potassium are injected with sernostic (1 stack per 10 litres of water).

(4) If you put fertilizer in the hole, sélitre and superphosphate, it's about a dining spoon on every hole.

(5) Put all the plants in a weak manganese solution 10 days after landing. Also at this stage, a good fertilizer for tomatoes will serve as a smoked lipstick, dissolved in water in 1:15, as well as land around the roots of the ash.

(6) In two more weeks, ammonia selitre solution (for 10 litres of water, 10-20 grams).

(7) In order to obtain an early harvest, provide extra-morial feeds from the mixture of sulphur dioxide, superphosphate and urea (respectively 10-15/10/10-15 grams per 10 litres).

8) During the flowing of the first bruising, the tomato feed is carried out with the help of cow and nitrogen (for 10 litres of water for 25 grams).

9) There can then be two or three additional feeds at 2-3 weeks. Tomato fertilizer At this stage, a mixture of a cow or a bird with a syringe pot.

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