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How To Grow A Cucumber

Technology and Methodics

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How to grow a cucumber star, a cucumber heart, a square cucumber

Dear friends, in the previous article, I told you how to grow square waters. Now let's talk and experiment with the usual cucumber. Let's see how we can raise the cucumber stars, heart cucumbers, square, triangle cucumbers, etc.

So, the ordinary cucumber is a very simple, uncomfortable plant. It will grow even on very fertile soil and fertilize, subject to the presence of insects for pollination (circuit education), sufficient water, and light, of course!

The cucumbers are very useful in various diseases: urea, weakness and very good, as well as rich and useful micronutrients (calym, magic) and vitamins (e.g. vitamin C), dietary product.

But cucumbers can benefit not only our organism (internal bodies) - in their food consumption, but our brain is aesthetic pleasure of seducing unusually beautiful cucumbers.

What are these beautiful cucumbers? No, it's not a new class, but it's the same ordinary cucumbers, your favorite class, but grown by certain technology.

Beautiful cucumbers become because of their unusual shape: hearts, triangles, stars, in general, any form is possible.

A Production technology such a cucumber: a very small cucumber having reached 2-3 cm length shall be wearing a special plastic form (with specified parameters: e.g., a cucumber, triangular form). In the process of growth, the cucumber takes the form we have given. How to make a special form for vegetables and fruits was described in the previous article in the example of a square watermelon.

There are certain requirements for the forms themselves: they must be transparent: to pass the light, otherwise the cucumber won't grow, but it will desist from the mother plant. That is why a transparent plastic is the best form material.

Also, the ratio of the size of the shape (in volume) to the normal size of the already grown cucumber chosen by you should be taken into account.

Experiment, raise yields not only useful and delicious but also beautiful cucumbers - surprise everyone!

The other day, Dmitri Bartenev collected the first crop of cucumbers that turn into stars. And now he's got a heartbeat.

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