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Svekla is the birth of one-, two- and multi-year herbalistic plants of the family Amarant (formerly family Marion)

The most prominent representatives are: the juncture of ordinary, sugar beet, feed bee. They all wear a common name, a bee.

All modern beetles come from a wild beetle growing in the Far East and India, which has been used in food from time immemorial (calorizer). The first references to beetle refer to the Mediterranean and Vavilon, where it was used as a cure and vegetable plant. Initially, only her leaves were used in food, and the roots were used for medical purposes.

The sugar beet came from the intensive work of the villagers, which started in 1747, when Andreas Marggraph found that the sugar that had previously been derived from the sugar cane was also contained in the shoe. At that time, the scientist was able to determine that the sugar content of the fodder beet was 1.3 per cent, whereas in the roots of the current varieties, it is more than 20 per cent in the kernels of varieties.

The opening of Marggraph was the first time to assess and use only Marcel Ashar, who dedicated his life to the problem of beetle sugar, and in 1802 he built a factory in Lower Silesia, where sugar was produced from the grid. Since then, the sugar bee has spread and is now the second sugar source after the sugar cane.

Beetle Calorium

The beet is 40 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Bench composition

The chemical composition of the beetles consists of the vitamins of group B and vitamins A, C and PP. In addition, the beetle is rich in micronutrients such as iodine, magic, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.

Useful characteristics of beetles

The beneficial properties of the beetles are due to the existence of different vitamins, betain, minerals, bioflavonods in the roots. Svecla has a wide range of applications in people ' s medicine, thanks to its useful and purposeful properties. Used as a general reinforcement, improvement of digestation and exchange of substances.

The beetle is a good source of vitamin C, copper and phosphorus. Svecla removes toxins in the system. The beetle leaves contain many vitamin A.

Свекла - полезные свойства (Жить здорово)
Свекла - полезные свойства (Жить здорово)
Рецепт заготовки на зиму борщевая заправка со свеклой
Рецепт заготовки на зиму борщевая заправка со свеклой
Уборка урожая свеклы свеклоуборочный комбайн / Harvest
Уборка урожая свеклы свеклоуборочный комбайн / Harvest ...
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