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What's the best thing to do with a child?
When you're going for a change, don't forget to take a budminton with you flying plates, balls, darts, etc. But don't expect to take the whole inventory, and the baby will be on its own. The kids in the day have to play with them, give them new ideas, teach, entertain and let them fantasize...
1. It's very good if you put a sandbox on your day. It can be made on its own from a large tractor tyre or buried in a circle of cut barrels of the same or different height. You can also buy a ready form for a sandbox. The cooking, sand locks with access roads is the baby's favorite class. You can build a whole children's space. Put the brew, dig the car tyres, put or hang the swings. There's a lot of options on the Internet for child-friendly playgrounds.
2. Kids are very fond of water. Get a little leek for your child, pick up a poisonous plant with him and let him spray it periodically. And those who are older can trust a full-fledged flower bay or tree tidal.
3. A win-win option is a pool. No child will refuse to swim in the water, even in the smallest pool. You can add a bath foam to the pool. There will be no limit for children.
4. Pick up a daybook with the child to monitor the divine plants. In order to be clear, you can infiltrate pictures of plants made periodically. Of course, don't forget the gerbarium. Choose some of the most efficient plants and put them in. Pick up the plants, taking into account that you can make a beautiful picture of the pano.
5. I'm gonna have to get your zoos out of the insects. To this end, take a few glass half-litre baths and dig them up the throat into the ground in the shadow corner of the garden or the garden. Inside of each one, put "baby" a piece of cheese, a little harnet or sugar. Banks will have bugs, spiders. Let the child follow them.
The younger the child, the easier it is to find him a class and a fun day.
He'll only be thrilled by the fact that there's a completely different environment, new sounds, images, feeling. Let the kid explore all of this, let him lie on the lawn, swallow the grass, touch the worm tree. Runs bass legs on gravel, on the ground, on the sand. It's not only interesting for the baby, but it's very useful for the development of his senses.
And older girls just need to tell me what you can do.
6. If there's an open space on your date, buy or make an air snake. It's very exciting.

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Дачные участки. Поделки сад огород своими руками. Клумбы
Дачные участки. Поделки сад огород своими руками. Клумбы ...
Сад, огород. Дачный участок. Берген Егор. Помидоры около 1
Сад, огород. Дачный участок. Берген Егор. Помидоры около 1 ...
Последний дачный VLOG-ик ) (луна, сад-огород ,вышивка
Последний дачный "VLOG-ик"...) (луна,"сад-огород",вышивка ...
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