где купить рассаду


The selection and purchase of crops is disturbed by the minds of horticultures that do not grow it independently. How and where to buy a good-quality scatter? How do you get a plant of the desired class after boarding? All these issues, and many of them, are concerned about us in the run-up to spring and landing. As a man who mostly buys a ready-to-seat, I'll tell you about the thinness and the trouble that I've encountered in buying a ready-to-seater.

What you need to know when you buy a landing.

Based on personal experience, I call upon amateur horticultures to acquire scatter only in specialized enterprises and stores to expect a good harvest. By the way, this is also important in order to obtain comprehensive answers to their siege issues, which are more difficult to expect from the seller in the market.

Take a good look at the scout. The leave must be green, uniform and well developed. The leave of scrubbed, white or stains on them suggests a poor quality of disembarkation or its illness. The plants shall not be stretched or naughty: good scatter is the root and strong.

Unscrupulous seller ' s tricks on sludge

I, and many of my friends, have had such a thing as buying a beautiful, picked sludge, no external defect, no sign of fancy, and eventually getting a bad harvest. Of course, the first suspicion falls on its own heat when grown. And here the root of evil may lie in caring for the planting.
Feeding of nitrogen fertilizers and inhibitors
Unscrupulous sellers could feed them with nitrogen fertilizers in order to make the product resettled and to escalate the plants. And when the scatter started to stretch, it could be fed by inhibitors to slow down growth. Naturally, in both cases the production technology has already been disrupted at the beginning. These plants are not growing well, they're not flourishing, and they're not happy. But alas, it's sometimes not possible to identify such a dissatisfaction with an experienced gardener.

Inconsistency of declared class
I've had this kind of vegetation coming home, like, the right class and time of vegetation, and the plants of totally different varieties grow out of it. It is possible to be safe from this if you buy dispersal in specialized trade points where the necessary plant can be selected with a guarantee. When buying a scatter, there's no guarantee that you'll get what you promise.

Overgrown zoo

It's often that there's an overgrowth, and inexperienced horticultures, seduced by beautiful, big, compared to a young race, leaves, happy to buy transcends. That's very bad. This disintegration is hard and can smell it after landing. That's what happens because the root system in the throat lacks food. In addition, such a scatter can be filled with slow-growing drugs, which also suggests the prospect of poor harvest.

Russada of poorly-lived crops

My grandma never raised cucumbers, batons, even patissons through the sand. And there's a simple explanation: these cultures are very negative about transplant. The slightest damage to the root system is and there will be no harvest. But demand is supplying, so now, you can often see grandparents with such a grief. There's a 50:50 chance, whether or not. Don't risk it! Put your seed on the ground, and the probability of a good harvest will be much higher than the purchased crop. If you still bought it, be very careful, try to minimally traumatize the plant, take it out of a coma.

A little bit about species

Raise. It is possible to differentiate in the cells, in the individual mountains, in the heats heated, in the ground. This, in turn, can affect quality, so let's get a little clear on this.

Isolated scatter (in individual receptacles)

It's a good option when the scatter is sold in separate receptacles. It could be glasses, peat bags, pots and stuff. In this case, the root seedling system is less traumatized during transplant and the plant is better managed.

Russad could be placed in separate receptacles, but could have peaked. In fact, there is no difference in plant development between the two applications. Important sign: the insulated slab must have a fat, insignificant stalk and a mosquito root.

Open roots

If the scatter grows in a common seed tank, when purchased, notice that the roots are not homogeneous: they must be in the ground or have any land. The burnt roots can be traumatized, strangled. As a result, such a scatter would be bad, pain and smell.

Useful information on quality landing

Russad tomatoes
Prepared to land in the dirt of the early tomatoes shall have 6-7 leaves and the first flower bone. It'll be about 60 days old. Later classes should be about 80 days and 8 days old.

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Семена, которые я купила в этом году. ТОМАТЫ (ПОМИДОРЫ
Семена, которые я купила в этом году. ТОМАТЫ (ПОМИДОРЫ ...
как поливать рассаду помидор дрожжами
как поливать рассаду помидор дрожжами
какой водой поливать рассаду помидор
какой водой поливать рассаду помидор
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