Potato Landing

The beginning of May is the traditional time of planting potatoes. So it's time to think about how to put it this time, because recently new, original, is the way to choose.

Traditional ways Potato landing

The usual methods are three: smooth landing, burial and tranche. It is, however, a case where arbitrary choices do not yield better results, because each option is designed for very specific conditions and in others it may simply not justify itself. Only basic requirements remain: to have landing in the direction from the south to the north so that plants are illuminated evenly and given sufficient light; to maintain distances. In addition, we do not forget the application of fertilizers (usually using ashes and composts); it is useful to add in the holes or tranches a onion silk that protects plantings from the colorado bug.

Recommended distance between tubers at landing

Between tuber rows:

  • for early classes - 60 cm
  • For later classes - 70 cm.

Between tubers in a row:

  • for early classes - 25-30 cm
  • For later classes, 30-35 cm.

It should be borne in mind that the distances are indicated for tubers of a standard landing value - about the chicken egg; I often put small tubers - naturally the distance in the row is reduced proportionally; the distance between rows is not dependent on the size of the tubers.

The optimum depth shall be considered:

  • pulmonary soils - 10-12 cm
  • heavy and dry - 8-10 cm
  • Clay soil 4-5 cm.

Again, small tubers should not be as deep as large (but in any case no deviation from the recommended parameters by more than 3 cm is recommended).

In this video, the doctor of the biological sciences, the head of the Vyr Villova genetic resources department, Kira Stepan Dmitrijevic, describes how to determine the correct timing of the planting and how to plant the potatoes.


It's a way in which tubers are made up of about 15 cm high on a precipitation plot, with a distance of about 70 cm between them, and then tubers are already planted.

This technology will be appropriate where groundwater is located close to the surface, the soil suffers from humidity. It will also be a useful method on heavy soils that are quickly sealed by preventing air exchange. In practice, the cloths are sometimes used simply because there is a tractor)

For example, in a village where I had a delivery, everyone smelled like potato tractors. And since the tractor had the necessary instruments for rigging, he was placed in the ridges to minimize manual work. I gave up this idea, even though we've got the souaglins: in the dry years, the vagina comes out very fast, and it takes a heavy gravy. And where I live now, and there's sandy soil, there's even a bunch of people who have to do with the boats because the earth is falling asleep. And the vagina is not delayed, so another method is more appropriate for us.

Potatoes planted in trenches

This, in fact, is the opposite: on sand soils, poorly deterred moisture, and in arid climate, we do not take tubers above the ground level, but on the other hand, we are decking in the tranches that are based on all recommended distances.

Naturally, if this method is used in high humidity or very dense soil, there's a risk that our potatoes will just suffocate or rotate in the raw soil.

Nice landing.

If you get a plot on the south slope, where the soil is warming fast, and the ground is steep enough and moisture, you can be stacked under the shovel. It's the best thing to do together. There are a series of future landings, and then one of the participants in the process, moving along the line, makes small holes (somebody just lifts the plate of land to put a tuber under it, someone prefers the moon, then the soil from the next " landing point " falls behind the previous). The second one follows and sets strawberries.

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Семенной картофель. Приобретаем и готовим к посадке
Семенной картофель. Приобретаем и готовим к посадке
Посадка картофеля
Посадка картофеля
посадка картофеля под сено на целине-1
посадка картофеля под сено на целине-1
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