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Тенелюбивые многолетние цветыThere'll always be places in the garden where you can plant the shadowy years for the garden. These forest dwellers prefer wet soil and are distinguished not by the size and beauty of their flowers, but by the juncture and red sheet. They're going to help create a beautiful corner to rest in the shadows of trees. However, some trees (orems, cashtans) have toxic foliage. When the leaves are decompositioned, special substances are released into the soil that inhibit the growth of other plants. This neighbourliness factor must be taken into account and properly selected Tensile plant Station.

Specialities in the care of tenot-loving years

In the shaded areas, the soil has its own characteristics. It may be too dry, because the sludge doesn't fall on the ground because of a thick crown of trees. Or vice versa, it might be a long time to keep the moisture, because the earth won't fully dry.

тенелюбивые многолетникиBefore land is planted for years, it is necessary to properly prepare, enrich minerals and organic matter. It's good for a compost or a transplant that mixes with the top layer of soil. Plants planted must be polished, vomited, and at the same time ensure that the land is not extinguished or converted into swamp. The preparatory activities also include the thorough excavation of land and the removal of long-term weeds.

The warm-up years for gardens are in most cases grassy plants in soil for several years. Green runs fall asleep and the underground remains winter.тенелюбивые многолетники Therefore, in order to ensure continuous flow from the early spring to the freeze fall, a large variety of plant species must be available. I offer the most successful varieties of black-loving multi-year-olds by colouring.

Spring of years

The spring shadow of trees is still weak. The following plants can therefore be planted under tree crowns:

  • Lukovics and Tulips These are the most common and beloved horticulture flowers. They can grow in one place for years, not lose their decoration and not require special care.
  • Chunks are wet soil fans. They have nice flower bones of pink or yellow tones.
  • Erantis, they float when the trees are completely naked, so the lighting will be enough for them. These flowers do not carry the water stubbornness, so they are planted in higher areas.
  • Morosnik (Helleborus) has recently been very popular and expensive for years. Flows right out of the snow. It's uncomfortable. The whole season keeps decorative because of its palm leaves.
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