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All About Cabbage

Польза капусты белокочаннойCarbon 4, 68 g

Food fibers 2, 01 g

Organic acids 0, 3 g

Mono and Disaharides 4, 61 grams

Krichmal 0, 1 g

Cable vitamins

Beta-carothin 0, 02 mg

B1 (timine) 0, 03 mg

B2 (riboflavin) 0, 042 mg

B5 (patent) 0, 21 mg

B6 (pyridox) 0, 1 mg

B9 (folium) 11 ug

H (biotine) 0, 101 ug

K (Fillohinon) 75 ug

PP (Niacine equivalent) 0, 91 mg


Calcium 48, 2 mg

капуста белокочанная


Marganese 0, 16 mg

Molybden 9, 8 ug

Cobalt 3, 234 ug

Aluminium 568 ug

Calorium is 28 kKal.

Use of white cabbage

Cabbage is a unique product, and it has a vast array of health-friendly substances and vitamins. It's no secret for anyone that our organism is a complex “perform” that works uninterruptedly, and if it breaks a certain ratio of organic and inorganic substances, it may be a malfunction.капуста белокочанная лечение Therefore, in order to maintain balance, we try to feed properly and diversifiedly to provide our body with a vitally needed set of components. So, she's, like anyone else, a great assistant to us, because she doesn't need special treatment and preparation, she's always available and enjoyable taste.

Cable composition
: potassium salt, phosphorus, sugar, fat, cage, fitoncid, enzyme and vitamins. It contains especially absorbine acid. In vegetables, it is found both in the form of an ascorbigen (natural anti-pump substance) and in pure form. Assobigen is a very stable substance, and it does not lose its properties both in storage and in quasi-kali.

Use and properties of cables:

  • In the case of moderate heat treatment, the accorbin acid content is increasing in the vegetables, as the accorbigen is transformed into vitamin C.
  • Green cabbage leaves, which are located outside, contain folic acid that is well influenced by organism exchange processes and hemorrhage.
  • Due to the prevailing potassium salt content over sodium salts, it does not contain liquids in cells.
  • The tartonic acid contained in it has an anti-osclerosive properties. This acid contributes to the detention of carbon in fat and prevents cholesterol and fat. But in the heat processing of vegetables, this acid is destroyed.
  • The caleb juice has a neutral acid-alkali balance, which makes cabbage useful for low acidic stomach juice.
  • Normalizes the fat exchange processes in the organism because it contains a large amount of cholein.
  • Contains glucoses more than oranges, lemons and apples.
  • Fruitose content exceeds carrots, onions, potatoes and lemons.
  • Quash cabbage - rich in dairy acid, because acidic bacteria is used to squeeze. These useful bacterias, when they hit the bowel, have a positive effect. ♪ ♪
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Экспресс-метод закваски капусты за сутки! – Все буде добре
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Штрудель с капустой - Все буде добре - Выпуск 562 - Все
Штрудель с капустой - Все буде добре - Выпуск 562 - Все ...
«Вспомнить всё»: квашеная капуста и АБВГДейка
«Вспомнить всё»: квашеная капуста и АБВГДейка
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