Какие растения растут в тени

Shadow Vegetables

теневыносливые овощиEcosad for all

Shadow vegetables are beginning to pick when the garden grows and takes shape, and there is not always enough space for peri-urban crops. But in the south, with the right shape of the crown, many crops can be placed in the garden. Let's figure out what vegetables and greens grow in the shadows and what can be planted in the back of the fruit trees.

What vegetables grow in the shadows

Spring cuts were made in the garden, and during this year, we were planted in the barrels of the tomatoes. They didn't count on the harvest first, focused on protecting the harvest from the fruit. But what was the nice harvest bonus, just don't tell me!

The bushes were insulated, and they grew up 2-3 meters with the largest harvest. They also noticed that the phytofluoros were smaller than on the garden. While we're on the grid, and we're smashing the soil with organics.какие овощные культуры можно сажать в тени Turns out, tomatoes In the frontal circles, they are mutually beneficial, they protect apples and pears against the fruit, and the crowns themselves suffer less from phytofluoros. The rabbit protects the tomatoes from the rose and partly from the rain.

More vegetables growing in the shadows of unburdened trees are beans. It makes me feel good in the garden. Again, beans were planted to improve soil, expected nitrogen enrichment, and received a pleasant harvest. The only supra from beans is a vigna.тенелюбивые овощи и зелень It's painfully demanding to tidal, temperature and lighting. It's better not to put her in the garden.

The list of shadow vegetables that can be planted in the garden can be added to the list of black vegetables. Our puppet pie has settled under the sormon, climbed into a mallenic, and now he's trying in the garden. A lot of people have a cliff, and we have a pet, but we're not offended. Either way, the limbs scare off, and the sorcerer's green is the first time in a year, right after the snow.

What other vegetables grow in the shadows? Maybe some buckles. We've got a meliss under our grief. I came to the garden by myself. It's a great copper, and a good aromatic additive to winter tea. Also in the frontlines, we plant an estragoon (tarhun) for the same purpose as the tomatoes, protect the fruit from the fruit. Although the descriptions make it easier to ski. But the ski has a strong allelopathy effect, I don't want to oppress garden plants, so we turned it off. Although we're holding a couple of decorative skis.

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