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Cucumber Care

Whether the cucumbers have been planted directly into the ground or planted there already, their care has become the same at some point: Plums, feeding, maiming (especially if cucumbers were cultivated in a wasteful manner), soil rusting, protection against weeds and diseasesas well as some special techniques that the cucumbers themselves do not need for good self-reliance, but contribute to increasing yields.

Pool of cucumbers

Pools for cucumbers are hardly the most important process. There will be fewer water and fruit, and the quality will deteriorate markedly. In the open field, this is the most commonly associated problem with the burning of greens. So the cucumbers have to go regularly, on average once every six days, in the hot weather even more often, but not so much for the calendar, but for the land, because unlike the greenhouses, the rains are open. In another summer, cucumbers don't have to be polished, but on the other hand, we have to protect against wetting by laying drains, because at the stack of water, the roots can start rotting. The most reliable signal that the tidal is time to run is soil drying.

However, it is necessary to make an adjustment to the fact that young plants need relatively small amounts of water and adults in large quantities, and if for the first time, 1 m2 buckets are often available, every bush is needed. It's true that young plants need a little more than adults. In any case, the water must be well watered to the depths of the roots, although it is not specifically recommended to limb under the root, it is best to use the storm or rain. But there's one important restriction here: if in the plant heat, not only can it be, but sometimes you need to completely spill water, on the open soil, if the water gets hot day on the leaves, they'll get strong burns, so you need to make sure it doesn't happen. It's better to polish cucumbers, or tonight when the sun stops chewing, or early in the morning. The condition remains that cucumbers cannot be watered with a temperature below +10. ♪ 12°C.


It is advisable to swallow the land around the cucumber after each tidal or heavy rain, but it is not possible to move the bows, they can only be raised cautiously, or temporarily put aside, returning to the place after the soil crust is ruptured.

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Рубрика ЗаДачник : уход за огурцами
Рубрика "ЗаДачник": уход за огурцами
БАРЫШНЯ КРЕСТЬЯНКА. Уход за огурцами и борьба с тлей
БАРЫШНЯ КРЕСТЬЯНКА. Уход за огурцами и борьба с тлей
Как ухаживать за огурцами в теплице + видео: Уход за
Как ухаживать за огурцами в теплице + видео: Уход за ...
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