Cucumber Of Paris Crown

семена парижский корнишон

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Paris root F1

The name of this hybrid speaks for itself - the fruits of its small size - the roots, only 5-7 cm long, which are not only good visual (one to one) but are very good in a conservative form.

The cucumbers weigh not more than 75-80 grams, have a rotary shape with unclear stripes and large puppets.

The obscure nature of greens is considered to be a light black tumor.

This type of cucumber is polluted by bees and other insects, and has a not-too-vetail structure - is considered to be mean.

The Paris root is a harvest, and it feels good on the open soil with tied moulds (also to grow in heats covered by captives at the beginning of growth).

Also, the Paris Cornishon is a puncture, the first harvest from which can be harvested for 40 to 45 days after the first harvest.

Difference during growth does not need to be protected.

It is recommended to grow under adverse climatic conditions.

The horticultures of "Paris Cornishon" seeds.

We analyse feedback from horticulture breeders who have already had the experience of cucumber cultivation.

The Paris Cornishon is a great class, gives a lot of small cucumbers, and the piles of the bush cover the entire area.

I've got the Paris Cornishone cucumbers on the open ground. The cucumbers were stunned! That year, too, put the Paris root.

♪ They'll be fine and conservative, even cut pieces don't soften.

I've been disappointed by the Paris Cornion-- one day you won't follow me and get a fat bean instead of a little cucumber! I won't squeeze again!

♪ The cucumber of the Paris crown loves my wife very much. She conserves a lot of them and saults in the cad, so I specifically cultivate this class. I like him, too, and not a little crop.

Семена Огурцов Парижский Корнишон - Помидорчик
Семена Огурцов Парижский Корнишон - Помидорчик
Огурец «Парижский корнишон»: описание, достоинства
Огурец «Парижский корнишон»: описание, достоинства ...
Сад и огород Выпуск 007 Сажаем огурец Парижский корнишон с
Сад и огород Выпуск 007 Сажаем огурец Парижский корнишон с ...
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