Купить Семена сахарной свеклы

Beetle Seeds

Evelty - Beta vulgaris L.
Beta vulgaris L. subsp. vulgaris var. vulgaris var. vulgaris. In our stores, you can buy the seeds of the following varieties and hybrids of bees and mangolds. As part of the wholesale and retail sale of seeds, DDESA can be found.


Pablo F1 canteen seeds
Gibride is fast. From step up to technical ripeness 60-85 days. The roots are rounded, uniformed and sized. The dark red meat with purple shade, juicy, soft. Mass of roots 220-300 The head of the root is small. The hybrid's cold, but with a lack of heat, yields are declining. Transfers the weakness of moisture. Steady to bloom. The roots are good. 6-7 kg/m2.

Mona canteen seeds
Midrange class, single-teen. 75 to 100 days of technical ripeness. cylindrical, mass 200-330 g, red, head medium, weak. The cunning of the root in the soil is small, the lungs out. Dark, red, soft, juicy. Good quality. Used for long storage in winter. 5, 5-7 kg/m2.

Modan canteen seeds
It's a puncture, a single teenager. From step up to technical ripeness of 65 to 90 days. Corne fruit rounded with smooth surface, uniformed and size, mass 250-350 g. The dark red flesh, the beard, no ringing, juicy, soft. The head of the root is small. Good quality. It's for mechanized cleaning. It is recommended to be used for early delivery, domestic cooking, for preservation and storage. 5-7 kg/m2.

Class is short. From step up to technical ripeness 70 to 90 days. The roots are rounded, loaded to half and easily removed. The dark red flesh, the beard, no ringing, juicy, sweet and sugary. Good quality. Lies are good. The rule of seeding is 1. ♪

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Посев семян свёклы морковки редиски Sowing seeds of beets
Посев семян свёклы морковки редиски Sowing seeds of beets ...
Советы тети Тани. Подготовка семян свеклы и капусты.
Советы тети Тани. Подготовка семян свеклы и капусты.
В одном из хозяйств Принеманья украли семена свёклы
В одном из хозяйств Принеманья украли семена свёклы ...
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